Greek aviation industry

27 January 2020

Aviation Jobs in Greece: What’s New?

Looking for an aviation job in Greece?  Like any country around the world, Greece offers its share of exciting opportunities in the aviation industry. Aviation Jobs […]
16 November 2015

All About Aviation Insiders Interview with Captain Ramsey Shaban, President and CEO, GainJet Aviation

GainJet Aviation is a leading private aircraft charter operator and management company headquartered in Athens, Greece. GainJet Aviation also manages a sales office in London and […]
31 August 2015

All About Aviation Insiders Interview with Evangelos Zachos, Flight operations manager at Amjet Executive

Evangelos Zachos is a Greece based pilot with years of instructor experience under his belt. Zachos has trained abroad in the United States and has earned […]
23 June 2015

All About Aviation Insiders Interview with Antonis Koutsoudakis, President of AOPA HELLAS

The founder the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Hellas (AOPA) Antonis Koutsoudakis didn’t start his career in aviation but in the world of physics.  Upon graduating […]
17 June 2015

Libya to Greece: Greek Aviation Ban

Libya, a country facing a destructive and violent political rivalry, continues to spiral into chaos. Until recently, Greece was part of the solution to help the […]
12 June 2015

All About Aviation Insiders Interview – Ole Johan Waagø

Ole Johan Waagø hails from Norway but is now living in Greece. Ole is flying a BELL 429 helicopter, managed by Air Business International. Waagø began his […]
8 June 2015

All About Aviation Insiders Interview – Harald Riedlsperger, CEO of HeliAlpha

Today’s All About Aviation Insiders Interview is with Harald Riedlsperger, a helicopter pilot and the CEO of HeliAlpha, an Austrian commercial helicopter services company that has […]
1 June 2015

Year Round Tourism for Greece

Greece has a goal to extend the Greek tourism season to 12 months a year. The GTP recently reported that the Greek Ministry of Tourism is […]
20 May 2015

Emergency Medical Transport Services: It’s Our Week

Across the Atlantic Ocean, the United States is dedicating this week to emergency medical transport services. There’s even a theme. It’s “EMS Strong.”   It’s fitting because […]

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