10 July 2022

Australia’s Aviation Authority announces new regulatory roadmap for advanced airtaxi operations

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia announced, earlier this week, the launch of a regulatory roadmap that describes its approach to ensuring safety for […]
25 May 2022

EBACE2022: Executives Confident AAM Will Be Available in Next Few Years

Leaders from some of the world’s foremost advanced air mobility (AAM) developers are confident that battery technology advances will continue, regulatory hurdles will keep falling and […]
24 May 2022

EBACE focuses on aviation sustainability this year

On aviation sustainability is this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2022) in Geneva focused. After two difficult years, due to the pandemic that “froze” […]
23 February 2022

Airbus to test hydrogen propulsion on an A380 by 2026

The European aircraft giant Airbus sais it has decides to start testing a hydrogen- powered engine on a A380 -it’s largest passenger plane- by 2026. This […]
31 January 2020

Erickson announces the S-64F+ Air Crane helicopter – Helicopter Industry

Erickson Incorporated has announced at Heli Expo, a new production line of the legacy Air Crane helicopter introducing the S-64F+ to the market. Erickson’s recent aircraft […]
21 August 2015

Seaplane Technology: Then and Now

Seaplane technology has evolved greatly over the last century. These aircraft, designed to take off and land upon water, came to life just over 100 years […]
7 August 2015

Light Sport Aircraft: The Latest Orders

Sport enthusiasts are waiting for their orders of a brand new amphibious light sport aircraft (LSA).  A California company called ICON is getting ready to ship […]
23 July 2015

Finding Empty Legs in Greece

Want to fly private but fly affordably? An empty leg is the answer. It’s an empty private jet seat. Like anywhere in the world, empty legs in […]
10 July 2015

Green Aviation’s New Heights

Green aviation is climbing to new heights. From the amazing flight of the Solar Impulse 2 to the use of biofuels, there is an effort being […]

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