9 June 2022

HCCA issues NOTAM for all civil aviation in case of wildfires

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring air traffic and the conduct of firefighting operations of Fire Service, announced that, due to the emergency conditions created during a […]
21 March 2022

Civil Aviation Authority: NOTAM for passengers from abroad extended until April 4

Civil Aviation Authority announced that it extends the Covid-19 NOTAM, providing the conditions of entry into Greece to limit the spread of COVID-19 disease, valid until […]
6 March 2022

Notam: No PLF for Ukrainians arriving in Greece

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority has issued a new notam, regarding the Ukrainian citizens arriving in Greece via flights. According to the notam, starting immediately, all travelers […]
26 February 2022

The Greek NOTAM for civil flights in Ukraine

Greece issued an aviation directive banning all passenger flights from flying in Ukraine airspace for the next three months, until May. In its NOTAM, the Hellenic […]
23 February 2022

NOTAM with flight restrictions for Athens area

A Notam temporarily restriciting certain areas within Athinai FIR is issued until February 24, 19:00. According to greekhelicopters: A0476/22 NOTAM Q) LGGG/RTCA/IV/BO / W /000/050/3757N02350E A) […]

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