1 July 2022

The clock is ticking for the concession of 22 regional airports in Greece

The clock is ticking for the concession of the 22 state regional airports as a “package”. This is what the managing director of the Superfund, Grigoris […]
20 June 2022

One more airplane, owned by Merkur Air enters the competitive EASA arena

One more airplane, owned by Merkur Air enters the competitive EASA arena. The new aircraft will be immediately included in the Hellenic Air Carrier License (AOC). […]
5 June 2022

Athens International Airport boosts transition to sustainable practices

Athens International Airport (AIA) leads the way to a transition to more sustainable practices. During a workshop organized by AIA, travel and tourism stakeholders discussed ways […]
23 May 2022

SKY express to be listed in Greek Stock Excange

Greek airline company SKY express is planning on joining the Greek Stock Exhcange, sources say. SKY express, a member of Ioannis Grilos’s IOGR group, is expanding […]
12 March 2022

SKY express launches new cooperation with Transavia France

SKY express and French airline Transavia have signed an interline agreement that will allow passengers to book a single ticket between the networks of both carriers. […]
6 March 2022

Air Austral appoints Goldair as its GSA in Greece

Air Austral has appointed Goldair as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in Greece. Air Austral, the flag carrier of the French region of Réunion, operates scheduled […]
6 March 2022

Devastating footage of “The Dream” shattered revealed

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to wreak havoc in the region, many aviation enthusiasts expressed their disappointment over the destruction of the Soviet-era Antonov An-225 Mriya […]
27 February 2022

World’s largest cargo aircraft destroyed by Russian air attack

Ukraine has revealed that the world’s largest cargo aircraft, Antonov’s An-225 Mriya, has been burned by a Russian air attack on Kiev’s Hostomel cargo airport. Two […]
22 February 2020

What is type rating and how do pilots achieve it?

A career flying big metal birds in the sky is something that a lot of people have dreamed about. After all, being a pilot is a […]

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