25 July 2023

This is how the Canadair crashed in Karystos (video)

Shortly before 15:00 a Canadair crashed in Karystos, in the area of Platanistos. The firefighting aircraft piloted by two Greek pilots from the 355 Tactical Transport […]
30 January 2023

HAF F-4 Phantom crashed in Aegean sea- Two pilots missing

The anxiety is at its peak for the two operators of the Phantom F-4 of the 338th Hellenic Air Force Squadron which crashed in the sea […]
22 January 2023

ΑΙΑ: Bomb alert on Ryanair flight from Poland to Greece

A bomb alert was reported Sunday on Ryanair flight en route from Poland to Greece. Greek F-16 fighters were scrambled to escort the flight with over […]
7 January 2023

Russian airliner lands safely in Moscow after declaring emergency

A Russian-operated Boeing 737 airliner that declared an in-flight emergency during a domestic flight on Saturday landed safely at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, Tass news agency cited […]
3 January 2023

Critical medical emergency forces Qantas A380 to divert to Greece

A Qantas Airways Airbus A380 superjumbo jet diverted to Athens, Greece after declaring a critical medical emergency onboard. The incident took place on January 2, 2023, […]
17 December 2022

Why the plane crashed in Crete

Experts are trying to provide answers to the questions that have arisen from the crash of the single-engine aircraft in the sea area of ​​Heraklion, Crete, […]
16 December 2022

Shocking video of the single engine that crashed in Crete

A shocking video that includes footage from both the rescue operation of the two occupants of the Indonesian-registered single-engine aircraft that crashed into the sea on […]
29 November 2022

AEGEAN: New 3-year Scholarship Program for 120 young men and women of the next generation of pilots

Continuing the successful Pilot Scholarship Program launched by AEGEAN in 2018, with the first 49 out of a total of 100 candidates already in its cockpits […]
16 November 2022

Emirates: Open day for cabin crew recruitment in Athens

Dubai-based airline Emirates is looking for candidates to join its multinational cabin crew team. That is why it is holding an Open Day for the recruitment […]

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