1 October 2022

HCAA announcement for ATPL, CPL, IR exams

Hellenic Civil Aviation Autority announced that the exact days of the September 2022 sitting exams are already available to the training schools, which will provide all […]
1 October 2022

Within November, HCAA will move to its new offices

The move of the newly established Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority to its new offices, in building 46 of the “El. Venizelos” Athens International Airport, is expected […]
20 July 2022

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority helps fighting wildfires

Civil Aviation Service controllers coordinate aerial firefighting vehicles in cooperation with civil protection until the last light!
13 July 2022

MERKUR AIR gets the first AOC issued by HCAA

The newly established Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Greece issued the first Air Operator Certificates (AOC). The AOC & CAMO signed by the Commander of the […]
1 July 2022

24-hour strike of AFISO on Monday, July 11

The Panhellenic Telecommunications Association (AFISO) of HCAA has announced that it will go on a 24-hour strike on Monday, July 11. A relevant decision of the […]
26 June 2022

HCAA extends NOTAM regarding the bans of flights because of the war in Ukraine

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) announces to the passenger public the new extensions of the air directives (NOTAM) regarding the bans and restrictions of flights due […]

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