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29 June 2021

Hellenick Seaplanes: «Mεγάλο αμερικάνικο fund θέλει να επενδύσει στα υδροπλάνα»

«Eυελπιστούμε ότι θα πετάξουμε Σεπτέμβρη-Oκτώβρη – H κυβερνητική στήριξη, το «αγκάθι» των διεθνών διαγωνισμών, η ανησυχία για την πανδημία» Mετά από 8 χρόνια αναμονής και γραφειοκρατίας […]
21 April 2021

Η Grecian Air Seaplanes και οι προοπτικές που ανοίγονται

Mια δυναμική γυναικεία παρουσία από τον χώρο του επιχειρείν «κρύβεται» πίσω από το νέο μεγάλο deal που αφορά το εθνικής σημασίας project για τα υδροπλάνα, έναν […]
7 March 2020

Save the Planet Save Money Too!

Reduce your carbon footprint from your private jet/helicopter travel. Back in 2013, we established the empty leg utilization on the private jet and helicopter flight. The objective was […]
4 November 2015

Top Three Greek Winter Destinations 

As autumn sets in, let’s take a look at the top three Greek winter destinations.  These beautiful destinations showcase a gorgeous alternative to Greece’s beaches. Take […]
18 August 2015

Three Reasons to Experience Crete from the Sky

If myths and legends are your calling, then a helicopter tour of Crete, will guarantee a remarkable journey to an island with historic importance which was […]
31 July 2015

Top Three: Greek Pilgrimage Destinations 

Since ancient Greece, Greek pilgrimage destinations were frequented every year by the population.  To this day, they are special places to reflect, pray and honor religion. […]
5 June 2015

Three Reasons to Experience Mykonos and the Cycladic islands from the Sky

While others are enjoying their glamorous holiday on the beach or on a yacht why not stand out and explore Mykonos and the Cycladic islands from […]
29 May 2015

Three Reasons to Experience Athens from the Sky

Just for a split second imagine the uniqueness of experiencing one of the world’s oldest civilizations from above. Welcome to Athens, a city with a rich […]
22 May 2015

Three Reasons to Experience Santorini from the Sky

Santorini is, no doubt, among the most highly discussed and photographed places on earth. While most visitors have deeply explored the Cycladic island from land, how […]

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