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25 July 2023

This is how the Canadair crashed in Karystos (video)

Shortly before 15:00 a Canadair crashed in Karystos, in the area of Platanistos. The firefighting aircraft piloted by two Greek pilots from the 355 Tactical Transport […]
10 March 2023

ΕΝΗΜΑΕΚ/HCAA: Allegations of “blind” flights

In the shadow of the deadly train accident in Tempe, the Association of Electronic Air Traffic Safety Engineers of the Civil Aviation Authority (ENIMAEK/YPA) is unleashing […]
22 January 2023

ΑΙΑ: Bomb alert on Ryanair flight from Poland to Greece

A bomb alert was reported Sunday on Ryanair flight en route from Poland to Greece. Greek F-16 fighters were scrambled to escort the flight with over […]
16 January 2023

Greece: NOTAM for the funeral of the former King Constantine

Temporary restrictions were imposed for Monday, January 16, and in the airspace of specific areas in the center of Athens and in northern Attica for the […]
11 January 2023

HCAA signs Cooperation Protocol with with EDAAP for security incidents

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and Air Accident Investigation and Flight Safety Committee (A.D.A.A.P.) signed a Cooperation Protocol, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between them, the […]
10 January 2023

Corfu Airport (CFU) closes for 14 days

Corfu Airport (CFU) will be closed by January 11 to January 24. The operation of the airport runway is suspended. According to Fraport, the airport will […]
7 January 2023

What Greece requires for passengers from China

Greece will be requiring travelers from China to take a Covid-19 test 48 hours prior to boarding and wear a high-risk mask during the flight, said […]
6 December 2022

Εxercise at Zakynthos airport

An armed man has invaded the facilities of Zakynthos airport, “Dionysios Solomos”. He is holding hostage passengers and staff members. This was the scenario considered by […]
2 December 2022

Preparedness exercise at Kos airport

A small-scale preparedness exercise for bomb attacks took place at Kos “Ippokrates” airport. The exercise was organized on November 29 by the Unified Operations & Crisis […]

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