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We are flight enthusiasts based in Greece with a passion for aviation and travel. From Europe, we follow world trends, aviation news and views. Our goal is to inform and give you new ideas and fresh perspective from our corner of the world.  After all, we’re based in one of the top tourist destinations in the world and our industry here touches a lot of lives.  We blog about travel, medical, industry, flight training, medical tourism as well as various industry topics.


The blogging team is made up of people who work as executives, insiders that get our planes and helicopters up and flying and industry influencers.  We work with or partner with Air Business International (ABI) which is the top aviation services company in the country.  ABI has more than 30 years of experience chartering private flights in Greece, the Greek islands as well as Europe and Africa.  ABI runs innovative services like The Greek Air Taxi Network. In Greek tourism sector, HeliTours offer tours above the ancient city of Athens and to the Greek islands. In the medical field, ABI organizes emergency flights services.

We’ve got a lot of experience in basically every sector of aviation. Join our journey! We love to fly and love being in the business of flying.