11 November 2022

Passenger of Emirates’ flight EK209 describes what happened

The testimony of a passenger on board Emirates flight EK209 which returned to AIA while taking off bound for New York sheds more light on what […]
10 November 2022

LIVE: Followed by HAF F-16s, Emirates’ flight EK209 has landed safely

Four minutes before 10 am, Emirates’ flight EK209, which was heading to New York from Athens and was diverted to Athens again, for security reasons, has […]
10 November 2022

Emirates flight from Athens to New York diverted to Athens

An Emirates Boeing 777, operating flight EK209 from Athens to New York, hastily returns to Athens airport. Newest information say that CIA has informed Greek authorities […]
19 October 2022

A single-engine plane crashed near lake Yliki – the pilot is dead

A single-engine aircraft fell at noon on Wednesday, in a bushy area on the Athens-Lamia highway, at the height of Ylikis. The pilot, aged around 70-75 […]
14 August 2022

Air France: Emergency landing at Eleftherios Venizelos airport

The adventure experienced by passengers on a flight from Paris to Heraklion, Crete, had a happy ending. The aircraft made an emergency landing at Athens International […]
20 July 2022

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority helps fighting wildfires

Civil Aviation Service controllers coordinate aerial firefighting vehicles in cooperation with civil protection until the last light!
19 July 2022

Helicopter crash in Athens International Airport

A helicopter, ascending from Athens International Airport Helipad crashed a few minutes ago. The helicopter, an Agusta 109 Power, owned by iFly aviation company, broke in […]
6 March 2022

Notam: No PLF for Ukrainians arriving in Greece

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority has issued a new notam, regarding the Ukrainian citizens arriving in Greece via flights. According to the notam, starting immediately, all travelers […]
26 February 2022

The Greek NOTAM for civil flights in Ukraine

Greece issued an aviation directive banning all passenger flights from flying in Ukraine airspace for the next three months, until May. In its NOTAM, the Hellenic […]

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