17 January 2023

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority moves from Ellinikon Airport on weekend

With the works at Ellinikon former airport progressing at a rapid pace, it was only a matter of time before the last services that remained on […]
6 December 2022

Εxercise at Zakynthos airport

An armed man has invaded the facilities of Zakynthos airport, “Dionysios Solomos”. He is holding hostage passengers and staff members. This was the scenario considered by […]
14 November 2022

Anafi Airport will be operational at the end of 2023

Anafi enters a new era as it acquires its own Airport! The project has entered the final phase of the construction of the airport runway, which […]
17 October 2022

Fraport: +7.2% in September for the 14 regional airports

Fraport’s 14 regional airports continue to outperform. After June (+3.3%), July (+11.1%), August (+9.4%) and September (+7.2%), Fraport’s 14 regional airports outperformed of 2019. In September, […]
16 October 2022

Syros: Εxpansion of “Dimitrios Vikelas” aiport

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has announced a tender for the completion of the expansion project of the runway at the airport of Syros, “Georgios […]

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