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13 May 2024

“Extremely Annoying”: Lufthansa CEO States Boeing Issues Have Cost the Company Substantially

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr expressed frustration over recent issues at Boeing, describing them as “extremely annoying,” yet he remains optimistic about the aircraft manufacturer’s recovery. In […]
12 April 2024

“Hneuchos 2024”: the largest airborne training with 36 fighters from nine countries

A total of 36 fighter aircraft from nine countries and more than 70 Greek aircraft “answer” the question, why the exercise “Honeymooner” is perhaps the largest […]
4 April 2024

The Air Tourism Committee is reconstituted – The 13 members

Its responsibilities include, inter alia, making proposals, giving opinions and proposing legislative reforms. No compensation is paid to its members The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, […]
12 March 2024

“Aegean Airlines Addresses Misplaced Kitten Incident and Refutes Social Media Claims of Compensation”

Aegean Airlines has announced an incident involving a kitten named Rodri that went missing during one of its flights. The airline firmly refutes social media claims […]
29 February 2024

Statement by the Air Traffic Controllers Association of Greece

The Greek Air Traffic Controllers’ Association announced the withdrawal of its call for participation in the 24-hour strike organised by ADEDY on Wednesday 28 February, following […]
24 February 2024

Establishment of Levante Airlines: Bridging Air and Sea Transport

A new airline company has been established, reportedly linked with Levante Ferries. Named Levante Airlines, the company will offer services including the chartering of airplanes and […]
19 February 2024

On February 18th, 2024, a Marathon E195 aircraft overran the runway during takeoff at Belgrade.

An Embraer ERJ-195, operated by Marathon on behalf of Air Serbia with the registration OY-GDC, encountered an overrun incident on the runway during its departure for […]

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