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29 June 2021

Hellenick Seaplanes: «Mεγάλο αμερικάνικο fund θέλει να επενδύσει στα υδροπλάνα»

«Eυελπιστούμε ότι θα πετάξουμε Σεπτέμβρη-Oκτώβρη – H κυβερνητική στήριξη, το «αγκάθι» των διεθνών διαγωνισμών, η ανησυχία για την πανδημία» Mετά από 8 χρόνια αναμονής και γραφειοκρατίας […]
21 April 2021

Η Grecian Air Seaplanes και οι προοπτικές που ανοίγονται

Mια δυναμική γυναικεία παρουσία από τον χώρο του επιχειρείν «κρύβεται» πίσω από το νέο μεγάλο deal που αφορά το εθνικής σημασίας project για τα υδροπλάνα, έναν […]
12 April 2021

How to write a standout CV

Writing a successful CV can seem like a daunting task, but there are some simple tips to follow which can make it much easier. Throughout this […]
8 April 2021
Merkur Air

Newcomer to the Aviation Arena in the Middle of turbulence times.

Merkur Holdings is establishing a Greek AOC initially with ERJ 145 (48 seats) and Hawker 800 (8 seats). According to an announcement from the manager this […]
18 January 2021

The Brexit Influence on a Private Jet Aviation in 2021

1st of January 2021 the United Kingdom officially left from EU. How does it impact Private Aviation flights? In general, there aren’t significant changes for Private […]
26 May 2020

Greek government to reduce VAT for tourism and transportation

ATHENS – Greece’s tourist sector, especially places serving food and beverages, will get much-needed relief in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic through a cut […]
9 April 2020

24/7 COVID-19 Transportation Demands

The COVID-19 virus continues spreading all over the world, getting sick more and more people,
4 April 2020

New flight restrictions in Greece

All flights within Athens FIR are prohibited NOTAMN Α1083/20 Q) LGGG/QOEXX/IV/NBO/E /000/999/ A) LGGG
1 April 2020

Procedure for the approval of emergency flights due to the coronary crisis.

Due to the global coronavirus

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