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Emergency Medical Transport Services: It’s Our Week

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Emergency Medical Transport Services: It’s Our Week
May 20
11:03 2015

Across the Atlantic Ocean, the United States is dedicating this week to emergency medical transport services. There’s even a theme. It’s “EMS Strong.”   It’s fitting because it is a strong message that workers in emergency medical services in Greece can agree with based on experience.

A Week that Means Something

The American College of Emergency Physicians is designating May 17-23, 2015 as National Emergency Medical Services Week. It’s a great effort to promote what emergency medical services mean to us all. Sudden injuries and illnesses call for life-saving equipment and transportation — tools that emergency medical personnel need to save lives. It is an important part of communities around the globe. In Europe, organizations like the European Society for Emergency Medicine aim to improve emergency medical services across the continent.

In a country like Greece, which is a top vacation destination, EMS services are a reality. The people behind the emergency medical transport services in Greece that care for travelers must be well-trained, multi-lingual and available around the clock. EMS personnel are skilled in their specific line of work whether they are drivers, pilots, first responders, medical technicians or licensed paramedics.

EMS Needs Abroad

Of course, no one wants to be caught in an emergency during their holidays. An unfortunate occurrence abroad, no matter what the situation, is especially frightening for tourists. They feel extremely vulnerable and helpless. Therefore, it is critical that if an emergency incident should occur during their time abroad, EMS workers and doctors are prepared to respond appropriately. They are willing to get right into the heart of an accident or incident to save someone’s life. Coordination continues at hospitals, among nurses, doctors and technicians, once a patient is receiving the care they need in a hospital emergency department.

Cooperation and Recognition

Emergency medical flight and ground transportation services are a critical part to meeting the needs of patients at their most urgent hour. The local and international cooperation between aviation and transportation industry organizations and health organizations can only lead to better service. Education, training and research should forever be a part of EMS industry goals.

The American College of Emergency Physicians has got the right idea in recognizing all of the lifesaving skills emergency personnel have earned. We’re also proud of the staff here in Europe and right here in Greece. We are also “EMS Strong.”


Image Source: Dave Conner

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