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News from AOPA Hellas
February 24
01:19 2018

Fraport Hellas has announced substantial increases in all costs that a GA pilot must pay when using their services. A simple landing may cost more than 200 euro, not counting any fuel costs. Foreign pilots are strongly advised to use any other airport, if this is possible. AOPA Greece web site may help.
New charges will start at April 1st.

General Assembly of AOPA Greece will take place at May 27, at Thessaloniki. All pilots with uninterrupted membership of more than a year have the right to participate and to vote. Pilots with valid voting right may vote in person or they may authorize another member to do so. Details will be announced soon.

Ioannina LGIO port of entry has now AVGAS & JETA1 fuel
source: AOPA Hellas e-NEWS


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