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Virtual Reality Therapy for Airplane Phobia

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Virtual Reality Therapy for Airplane Phobia
March 14
17:02 2017

Do you wish you could travel to faraway places and see the world? For many people, the fear of flying keeps them homebound for far too long. If you have aviophobia, or the fear of flying, there is one way you can prevent it from negatively affecting your life. Facing the facts, using virtual reality therapy with relaxation techniques is all you need to overcome your fear and be free to N’JOY flights.

Virtual Reality is the easiest and simplest way to offer best practices to anxiety patients, and especially to those that afraid airplane flights for their business trips or vacations!

We work to make it accessible to mental health professionals. VR allows you to interact with environments in between in vivo and imaginal exposure, improving the flow and outcomes of exposure therapy. Interactive, immersive virtual environments allow you to be the protagonist of your therapy, helping to reduce psychological barriers to treatment, increasing your trust and the therapeutic alliance and maintaining your confidentiality.

We offer the benefits of Virtual Reality quickly and easily, through a smartphone and VR glasses. Is easy to use and is designed by psychologists. VR could make “exposure therapy” easier and cheaper.

Three big companies Samsung, Oculus and Psious offers hyper realistic virtual environments, as well as resources based on other immersive technologies such as augmented reality, 3D and 360 degree videos. Each scenario for flying is designed, supervised, and tested by psychologists to ensure its functionality and robustness in the context of exposure therapy.

Go through a virtual flying experience NOW and you’ll put your flight-phobia behind you!

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