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Private Jet Highs: Highest, Fastest and Priciest

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Private Jet Highs: Highest, Fastest and Priciest
November 04
17:30 2015

Ever wonder how high, how fast a private jet can go? How much would you have to spend to own the most expensive jet in the world?  We #avgeeks at All About compiled our favorite private jet “highs” for you!

How high can a private plane fly?

Every airplane has a certified maximum altitude. The average altitude for airliners is 30 -40,000 feet. The Concorde recorded the highest certified altitude of an airliner at 60,000 feet. Ultra-long range business jets reach up to 47,000 feet, sometimes higher with cruising average at 41,000 feet.

So, what’s the record high altitude for a private jet? The Gulfstream G650, a $58 million private jet, can fly at 51,000 feet. Other models that do the same are the Falcon 5X and the Global 6000.

What’s the fastest speed a private jet can fly?

The fastest speed recorded for a private jet goes to the Cessna Citation X. It was certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration at mach 0.935, or 617 mph. That officially crowned it as the world’s fastest civilian aircraft. How fast is that really?  That means you could fly your Cessna Citation X from New York to LA in about four hours or less.

cessna citation x

For a list of more of the world’s fastest private jets check out this blog post by Paramount Business Jets.

What is the price tag for the most expensive private jet?

The most expensive private jet that can be chartered is a supersize jet. These VIP planes include the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) or the Airbus ACJ319. They seat anywhere between 16-36 passengers and can include meeting rooms, kitchens, luxurious baths and cinemas with state-of-the-art equipment. The charter price per hour will set you back $25,000 USD. The price tag to actually buy a BBJ or an ACJ319 can reach up to $ 428 million USD.

Who owns the most expensive private jet?

The prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal reportedly owns the most expensive private jet in the world. It is a custom designed Airbus A380 — completely refurbished to his needs.   Total cost? Around $500 million USD. The prince’s pricey jet is also considered the biggest in the world. It has two whole floors of fully equipped rooms, salons, offices, and private space.  Imagine that five hundred people can live and travel in the plane – in luxury.  Check out an earlier blog post on Air Business International’s aviation blog about the newest and most luxurious private jet interiors here.

What’s the highest airport?

The highest airport is located at 14,470 feet in China.  It’s called Daocheng Yading Airport and it’s located in the Sichuan province.  What’s interesting is that China has eight of the top 10 highest airports in the world.

Since were blogging from our beloved Europe, we’ll call out the Samedan St. Moritz airport too. It is the highest commercial airport in Europe at 5,600 feet (1,707 metres).  Courchevel airport in the French Alps is higher at 6,588 feet. Only private jets can land there.


Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post called: Private Jet Lows.  How low can a private jet go?  There are lots of ways to answer that question.

Were you aware any of the cool facts in this post? Tell us about it!


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