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Athens Flying Week 2015: The Highlights 

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Athens Flying Week 2015: The Highlights 
November 05
18:06 2015

This year’s Athens Flying Week 2015 lived up to “high” expectations. Thousands of Greek aviation fans gathered at the Tatoi Airport field this past weekend to enjoy aerobatic and airshow performances of both Greek and international pilots who impressed the public with their unique flying skills.

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The Athenian sky was the stage for of the best flight performances in Europe including the Aerobatic Team Orlik from the Polish Air Force, the Hellenic Air Force performances “Daedalus” T-6 Demo Team and “Zeus” F-16 Demo Team, Vostok Europe’s Jurgis Kairys, the major Greek helicopter star Dimitris Ververelis known as “The Wizard” and Red Bull Solo Glider Luca Bertossio. The show also included Melissa and Rex Pemberton who performed their signature “Love Twist” act.  Melissa wowed the crowd as she spiraled around her husband as he freefalled from high in the sky.


Melissa and Rex Pemberton perform their signature “Love Twist” act.

The two day program was filled with breathtaking displays and unique multi-aircraft flypasts, colorful maneuvers in the sky and some exceptional performances. Lithuanian aerobatic pilot, 63 year old Vostok Europe Jurgis Kairys left the crown breathless while performing a stunt where he flew by upside-down just meters from the ground.


Vostok Europe Jurgis Kairys taking over the sky

Another impressive performance by our Greek star Dimitris Ververelis showed us again why he earned the nickname “The Wizard.” He performed his famous stunts for the Wizard Heli Solo Display, which included backward movements including back and front pirouettes, 90 degree climbs, 360 vertical dives, dog turns and full down auto rotations.




All About Aviation team members catch up with Dimitris Ververelis after his impressive performance

Red Bull Official Glider Aerobatic Pilot – CITIZEN Watches co. Official Pilot, 25-year-old Italian Luca Bertossio performed both days flying the Swift S-1 Glider. Bertossio made history in when he reached the best ever placement in the Unlimited category of the WGAC World Championship and became the Vice-World Champion 2015. Judging by his flying skills, there was no doubt that his worldwide popularity will continue to grow.


Luca Bertossio flying the Swift S-1 Glider


All About Aviation team members with Red Bull Solo Glider Luca Bertossio

Husband and wife team, Melissa and Rex Pemberton had everyone holding their breath as they performed their “Love Twist” in the Athenian sky.  Renowned mountain climber and parachutist, Rex Pemberton made history by becoming the youngest Australian to reach the summit of Mt. Everest at the age of 18. A year later he became the third-youngest person in the world to climb the highest mountain in each of the seven continents. Award-winning aerobatic pilot, free fly skydiver and champion rock climber, Melissa Pemberton dedicated her thrilling and entertaining maneuvers to all the women who came to see the performance. Melissa strives to be a positive role model and inspiration to women around the world, by setting an example that “no dream is too big and nothing is impossible.”  Their performance was a top highlight of the Athens Flying Week 2015. Do you agree?


All About Aviation team catches up with Rex Pemberton just after his freefall from 10,000 meters, while his wife Melissa spiraled around him in their signature “Love Twist” act.


What were you impressions of the Athens Flying Week 2015? In case you missed it, watch our videos to get a feel of this exciting air show held in Greece! See you there next year!

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