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On Holiday: Flight Lessons in Greece

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On Holiday: Flight Lessons in Greece
July 07
14:40 2015

Today, people want to learn and experience things they’ve always wanted to do – while on holiday. Flight lessons in Greece may be one of them, if you’re a flight enthusiast.  Imagine combining one of the most beautiful islands in Greece with your dream of taking flight lessons.

The Learning Vacation

It’s the new way to experience travel. Today, The New York Times featured an article titled, “From Cooking to Sailing, ‘Summer Camps’ for Adults.” The article features unique vacations including writing retreats, culinary classes, equestrian lessons, sailing vacations and even a “CIA program” to learn or enhance new skills.  They are unique experiences that can combine time-off and travel with a need to learn and experience something of interest.  That could be whatever the traveler is interested in including gastronomy, adventure, or new experiences. Flight can also be one of those options.

As flight enthusiasts based in Greece we know that these learning and enriching holidays are possible here.  There are few places in the world that combines unsurpassed beauty and professional flight training in one.  The Cycladic island of Santorini, one of the most picturesque island destinations of the world, offers both. Flight training students can enjoy the mild and sunny Mediterranean weather for their holiday and for flight training.

In Santorini, students can be trained for a commercial pilot license (CPL) and private pilot license (PPL) with a helicopter R44, operated by Superior Air.  All instructors are experienced and approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The helicopters are operated and professionally maintained by the Robinson center.

Finally, students that have graduated know the schedule is flexible when it comes to training hours.  There’s plenty of time to experience the beauty of the island.  Flight training out of Santorini is available throughout the summer season, from early June till late September.

More From Santorini’s Sky

The experience of flight doesn’t stop at flying lessons.  Santorini’s beauty can be seen from above while relaxing on a helicopter tour.  The breathtaking views are by far the best angle for postcard photos.

The island’s rocky, multi-colored cliffs soar 300 meters above a caldera right in the middle of the Aegean Sea.  Traditional, whitewashed Cycladic houses line the cliff tops. It’s one the Greek islands renowned for its brilliant sunsets.  Exploring Santorini itself is also an experience in Greek gastronomy, ancient history and unique, colorful beaches carved out of volcanic rock.

Check out a previous post about three reasons to experience Santorini from the sky.

Flight Lessons on Vacation

For flight enthusiasts who have never flown but always wanted to – flight lessons are surely on the wish list. Combine it with a dream vacation in Greece and that is a truly unforgettable experience.

Opt for flight lessons or a helitour, or both. Santorini is an amazing Greek island to experience from the sky.

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