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Three Reasons to Experience Santorini from the Sky

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Three Reasons to Experience Santorini from the Sky
May 22
11:21 2015

Santorini is, no doubt, among the most highly discussed and photographed places on earth. While most visitors have deeply explored the Cycladic island from land, how many can say they’ve seen Santorini from the sky? Let’s escape to one of the wonders of the world, Santorini, and explore her unfolding beauty from above.


Travel Santorini in Style


A helicopter tour over Santorini is a “must” if you travel in style. The privacy of your own helicopter will guarantee you comfort, breathtaking views and the best angle for postcard photos. If you are not already convinced, here are our three reasons to experience Santorini from the sky:


1. Oia is a model of architectural and Cycladic finesse. The whitewashed village is unique because of her attractive “kapetanospita” (captain’s houses), chapels and “yposkafa” (houses carved in the volcanic rock). Every evening at the village of Oia, the world simply stops at sundown as visitors and locals gather around to witness magnificent sunsets. Watching the sunset at Oia, leaves no seat or spot empty. Only a helicopter tour guarantees you the most ideal view. Hovering in the sky, you can admire the most talked about sunset in the world.

Sunset Oia_helicopter

2. Santorini’s coastline, thanks to its volcanic origin, has inherited some of the most unique beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. From the Red Beach which is considered to be the most impressive of all the beaches, where the sun playfully bounces off the red cliffs, and everything here is red; to the Perissa Beach which boasts an impressive combination of black lava sand and crystal clear blue waters, to the white cliff beach of Vlychada that reminds of a moon landscape. Experience these imposing contrasts from the clear blue sky, sit back and watch the exquisite landscape of Santorini unfold before your eyes.

Santorini helicopter tour

3. Santorini is a journey to the past and present in the sense that is one of the best known volcanoes. This journey to the past begins with the legend of the lost Atlantis that has been noted to have many similarities between Santorini and Plato’s description of Atlantis (Kritias and Timaeus, 427-347 BC), reaching the latest eruption of the Kolumbo volcano, an elongated submarine volcano situated seven kilometers northeast of Santorini, part of the whole tectonic/volcanic complex. Today, Santorini remains an active volcano and is the very reason the island is famous for such unique beauty. From above, see the flora, the shades of volcanic soil and patterns of volcanic rock that have built the island’s steep cliffs over time.


Experiencing Santorini from the sky means experiencing a bird’s eye perspective on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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