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Leadership Lacking at the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority

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Leadership Lacking at the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority
June 17
11:58 2015

Two weeks have passed since the official announcement of the appointment of Konstantinos Lintzerakos as the new Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) Governor. However, sources close to All About confirm that Lintzerakos has not yet shown up at the HCAA headquarters in Athens.  Meanwhile, the successors to the HCAA Deputy Governors have not been announced either. This has left many in the aviation and tourism industry very concerned and as a result, they are calling for a solution to this problem. A dedicated leader needs to step up especially before the start of the peak vacation weeks for tourists.

HCAA Works

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority called Υπηρεσία Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας (ΥΠΑ) in Greek, runs under the Greek government, falling under the umbrella of the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. The HCAA is directed by a governor and deputy governors.  The public organization is involved in air traffic control, aeronautical communications, airport operations, aircraft registration and inspection, licensing of civil air operators and personnel certification. Its stated mission is to be involved in the organization, development and control of Greece’s air transport infrastructure and to oversee the countries air transport policies.

HCAA Leadership Lacking

The HCAA is a vital part of aviation in Greece. That is why the country’s aviation and tourism executives as well as HCAA unions are encouraging the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Mr. Spirtzis, to resolve the situation as soon as possible.   Something needs to be done.

It is no secret that Greece is a major tourist destination and as a result, it relies heavily on the smooth operation of its airports. The airports must run smoothly for tourists will get to where they want to go – smoothly. The peak tourist season months are edging closer and closer which makes the situation quite stressful for many in the aviation and tourism industry.

Aviation Call to Action

The HCAA runs a total of 39 regional Greek airports cannot remain for long without a well-informed leader. The organization should have someone in place that has the experience to make business decisions or decide on industry measures quickly. It only makes sense to ensure that the flight taken this summer season will be dispatched on schedule and without any problems.

Lintzerakos, a mechanical engineer, was announced as the new governor of the HCAA in late May. It was a decision made by the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Christos Spirtzis. All About awaits news of how Spritzis will move forward.


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