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Aegean: All Eyes on its Aviation Strategy in Greece

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Aegean: All Eyes on its Aviation Strategy in Greece
May 19
11:25 2015

Aegean Airlines is continuing to make a name for itself with an aviation strategy in Greece that involves new aircrafts, destinations and an emphasis on Cyprus.

Destinations and More


According to, Aegean’s aviation business strategy will result in 15 million available seats in 2015, which is two million more than in 2014. The latest developments are being analyzed by the industry including in a recent article in Deal News that took a closer look at what Greece’s main carrier is concentrating on to move forward with its expansion goals. For one, Aegean’s new flights include 16 new destinations in nine countries, from Athens. This is significant for Greece because Athens will be viewed as a connection hub.


Aegean is also serving a majority of the Athens International Airport destinations this busy summer season. A recent article in Kathimerini reports there will be two weekly flights to Bordeaux, Pisa, Riyadh, Tallinn, Toulouse and Sharm el-Sheikh. There will be three weekly flights to Preveza. Aegean is also increasing the number of weekly flights on 24 international and six domestic routes. Aegean’s new network of destinations including Dubrovnik, Helsinki, Alexandria, Malta, Yerevan, Paphos, Oslo and Cairo.


Shiny New Aircrafts

Besides new destinations, Aegean invests in new aircrafts. The fleet boasts 56 total airplanes. The investment boosts the company’s competitive advantage by creating a lower fleet age. As a result, Aegean flights will now be operated by one of the most modern fleets in Europe.


Eyes on Cyprus and Beyond

As Deal News also reports, Aegean is focusing on Cyprus where the company holds a base. The market for Aegean is set to speed up with the closing of Cyprus Airways. Aegean’s annual seat capacity will grow to 1.5 million seats involving direct connections to Greece and seven other countries. It doesn’t end there. The European network will continue to emphasize direct connections between Cyprus and London, Paris, Munich, Milan and Zurich. Reports point out that future plans are eyeing direct connections to Tel Aviv, Kiev and Beirut.


Aegean Airlines is proving to move forward with its vision to expand its reach and invest in its fleet. With more airplanes in the air, more destinations scheduled and a strategic aviation strategy in Greece, Aegean’s next move is one the industry is looking out to evaluate and celebrate.


Aegean Airlines in Numbers


134 destinations total

34 Greek destinations

100 international destinations in 42 countries


16 new destinations in 9 countries

10 new countries

Netherlands, Malta, Kuwait, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Norway, Iran, Armenia, Croatia

16 new international destinations

Helsinki, Toulouse, Deauville, Metz, Naples, Pisa, Malta, Amsterdam, Kuwait, Paphos, Riyadh, Tallinn, Oslo, Tehran, Dubrovnik, Yerevan


Image Source: Andrei Dimofte

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