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Traveling with a Restricted Diet

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Traveling with a Restricted Diet
August 11
13:50 2015

Traveling with a restricted diet can be frustrating. However, if you plan in advance, balancing your jet-set lifestyle and your diet can be easy and even fun.

Restricted Diets: Travel in Greece and Beyond

Keep in mind that when you have a restricted diet, every vacation or last-minute business trip will require preparation.  That means your packing list has to have the food items you can eat. At the same time, having strict or multiple dietary limitations doesn’t mean you can’t have food on-the-go. Especially if you are traveling to Greece, you can stay healthy, try the local cuisine that fits your diet and be happy on your journey!

Here are some tips:

  1. Research. Do a quick Google search before you go or on your way to your destination. Keywords like “Gluten Free Athens” or “Peanut Allergy Mykonos” or will come up with links that would be of interest to you.
  1. Prepare for food emergencies. You don’t want to find yourself somewhere for a part of your day without food. Just in case of long layovers or unexpected delays during your overall journey you should always pack some emergency snacks.  Favorites include granola bars or sturdy fruits and veggies that are pre-washed and packed.
  2. Prepare you hosts. If you are off to a conference be sure to send an email or call them about your restricted diet.  More than likely they’ll be happy to accommodate your needs with special meals.
  3. Speak Up.  Waiters may not realize how important your diet is to you. They may not be well informed about what ingredients are in the dishes they are serving. Don’t be afraid to ask question or repeat yourself if necessary.
  4. Get Advice. You can fully experience the delicious cuisines of Greece or anywhere you travel with a little planning.  Ask the concierge at your hotel, local tour guide leaders to help you find restaurants that meet your dietary needs. Call on social media to help you.  Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp! are just a few ways to reach out to locals about restaurants.

Another travel tip whether you are flying for business or pleasure is to sign up for bespoke cooking classes or tours to discover new places to eat that only locals know about.  In Athens, tour companies like Discover Greek Culture could create a food tour itinerary that fits your dietary needs and be a great Greek experience you’ll love!

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