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Finding Empty Legs in Greece

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Finding Empty Legs in Greece
July 23
12:12 2015

Want to fly private but fly affordably? An empty leg is the answer. It’s an empty private jet seat. Like anywhere in the world, empty legs in Greece become available at a discounted price when an aircraft would otherwise be empty during a flight to pick up new passengers.

Flying via private jet is a bespoke travel option so many times the aircraft’s operator cannot book all the seats on a flight.  Often times, it may be challenging to find a full-price client who wants to fly on a particular private jet, on a particular route for a certain destination and time.  Since the plane is set to take off anyway, the empty seats can be offered for a big discount instead.

Affordable Private Flights

Empty legs that are available on return one-way private charter flights are taking off!

A recent article in the Daily Mail detailed one writer’s experience using a new Uber-like app in the UK called Victor which allows people to book empty legs on executive planes.  The Guardian also featured an article about the empty leg experience.  It focused on how private charter firms have found a way to earn extra money on the otherwise empty return journeys.

No matter how it’s done, offering empty private jet seats to those who would love to take that flight is a win-win situation. Empty leg flights can be available at up to 75 percent discount on the usual charter price. Always, the exact price is contingent on the route and the operator.

Other Considerations

In Greece, Air Business International the Greek Air Taxi Network (GATN) offer empty leg flights on privately chartered jets and helicopters.  With a well-connected network of available private charter aircraft, both Greece-based aircraft operators offer the most competitive empty legs in the Greek and Mediterranean market. Air Business International and GATN list all empty legs available throughout Greece and the Greek islands on its homepage. The GATN also features an online, easy-to-use charter form to find the flight that suits your travel needs.


Empty legs are a proven cost-effective means of experiencing and accessing private jet travel.  The prices can end up being very close to what a commercial airline might charge. With a bit of flexibility in mind, a passenger can also combine an empty leg with airline flights. Empty legs can be worked into a private charter schedule as well.  All in all, empty legs in Greece can be part of a very cost-effective travel experience in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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