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Butterfly Experience: Family Private Jet Travel in Greece

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Butterfly Experience:  Family Private Jet Travel in Greece
July 14
14:01 2015

The maiden flight of Greek Air Taxi Network’s Butterfly took to the Greek skies today! The painted private jet, featuring bright butterflies, is the new and “happy” addition to the company’s fleet, perfect for family private jet travel in Greece.

Butterfly Happy

Colorfully painted with bright pastel butterflies on its body, the Let L-410 Turboprop operated by Heliair completed its first flight for Greek Air Taxi Network clients traveling from Araxos Airport near Patras to the beautiful Ionain island of Corfu. The plane is a twin-engine short-range transport aircraft created for passenger transport.  Now, as part of GATN’s exclusive fleet of private jet charter options, the Butterfly is opening new options for family and group travel in Greece.   They can travel in Butterfly style… but not only.

Flying with Family and Friends

The experience booking a private jet charter is an affordable one when you consider the time saved and the comfort each passenger receives.   The experience traveling on one of GATN’s private jets completes the ideal Greek vacation. You want everything to run on time and you want to offer your family the best experience from start to finish.  When traveling via private charter, there are no security lines or TSA pat downs to hold you back. Each plane has soft, leather seats and legroom.  The best part is being in the comfort and space you seek so you can make even more memories as you take a smooth stress-free ride to your beautiful Greek destination.  Meals and entertainment can all be tailored to the needs of you family and children.

Consider the alternative. There are many inconveniences and restrictions that commercial air travel imposes today.  For many, flying as a family has become more difficult to handle. Many private jet clients simply don’t’ want to risk delays or missed connections. This is important when a whole family is traveling and the entire group must get last minute seats on the next available flight. When it comes to family travel, even thinking ahead doesn’t help. Many commercial airlines cannot accommodate family seating even when booking far in advance.

Butterly plane interior

Why Go Butterfly

The same inconveniences can apply to a large group traveling on vacation together, perhaps a reunion of friends or a small community group.  For many, a vacation in Greece is often considered a trip of a lifetime. That’s exactly why clients are looking for the best experience and part of that is researching the best deals in exclusive air travel.   Time is precious and private air travel saves time and enhances the overall experience.

Whether traveling with friends or family, a private jet experience offers something that commercial air travel never will — a complete flexible experience that is tailored to specific requirements.  If there are certain Greek islands and destinations on your itinerary, you and choose when and where you want wish to fly to get there.  An added perk is simply seeing gorgeous Greece, its mainland and its islands, from the comfort of your own private jet seat and in the company of your loved ones.

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