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Greek Aviation: Business as Usual

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Greek Aviation: Business as Usual
June 27
17:09 2015

The top private jet charter, emergency medical flight services and helitours company in Greece is moving on, “business as usual” mode as the country prepares for a referendum vote on austerity measures.

Business as Usual at ABI

 “The tourist industry and the private aviation sector is focused, and we are serving our clients as we always have – with the best service and hospitality,” says Doulis Carafil, CEO of Air Business International, Athens Helitours, Geek Air Taxi Network and Greek Air Ambulance Network.  “This is a time of anxiety for the Greek people, but no matter what the outcome our management and personnel will continue to serve our clients with the professionalism that they have come to know for the past 30 years.”


Carafil tells All About that his company is moving forward with the same exact operational plan as scheduled.  This July, the first the V VIP helicopter airbus EC155 will begin operations. A week later, the much anticipated Butterfly LET410 airplane, known for its bright, cheerful décor, will begin services as well and will connect all airports with short runways.


Optimism and Professionalism

Carafil recently expressed optimism about how the current economic turbulence could affect the overall tourism industry in Greece.  He sat down with CNN Travel recently to give his opinion on a possible Grexit.

“Should Greece default, prices will drop even more and the tourist experience will only get better,” said Carafil in his interview with CNN. “This is proven by changes that have taken place as we went through the worst of the crisis over the past few years.”

As Reuters reports, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras scheduled a July 5th referendum vote on austerity demands from foreign creditors today. Tsipras is rejecting an “ultimatum” from lenders and putting a deal to a popular vote.

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