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All About Aviation Insiders Interview – Hara Zlatani, Astra Airlines

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All About Aviation Insiders Interview – Hara Zlatani, Astra Airlines
June 15
14:39 2015

In 2008, Astra Airlines completed its first flight from Thessaloniki to Rhodes. Seven years later, co-owner Hara Zlatani remains excited about her company’s vision. Prior to her role at the Thessaloniki based airline, she worked for more than 25 years in the advertising and communications industry in Greece with roles as director and CEO for major companies.

Zlatani sat down with All About to tell us about what her airline offers to the Greek and European market and her perspective about where the aviation industry is heading.


All About What is your vision for Astra Airlines?

We are a carrier that connects regional areas in Greece reliably and affordably. We also pay strict attention to what our passengers’ need as well as industry requirements by remaining flexible and responsive.


All About What inspired you to start Astra Airlines?

I would say two words: love and passion. Our company chairman has a lot of enthusiasm and love for aviation and that brought about the founding of Astra Airlines seven years ago. After the 14 years we spent in aircraft chartering consolidation field, we believed it was the natural next step to start the airline. Astra Airlines wanted to help develop routes, taking off from our home base in Thessaloniki.


All About How do Astra Airlines services compare to other carrier providers?

To start, we offer every standard industry service with more affordable ticket prices with the price of luggage handling included. The one exception to date is the frequent flyers program which is currently underway. In addition, we actively support regional communities through our sponsorship program.


All About What are you offering to the market that is new?

We offer more choices when it comes to the choice of routes, choice of schedules and destinations. These choices that are offered year round continue to strengthen and empower the regional airports and respective catchment areas.


All About What is the biggest challenge in the aviation industry today, in Greece and worldwide?

There are numerous issues affecting the industry from a Greek, European and from a global level. However, they all blend down to one single challenge which is how to lower production costs while strictly abiding by all safety, security and environmental measures.


All About Where would you like to see Greece’s aviation industry in the next five years?

Hopefully, at the level where every single airport (or at least the vast majority) can accommodate far more landings than today!


All About What positive changes have you seen in Greece’s aviation industry recently?

One might expect my answer to be deregulation. However, this is not the most important change for us. I think the most positive change and the most welcome change is the work of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Association (HCAA). The association’s programs and projects foster industry development in Greece.


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