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Wheelchair Friendly Vehicles: Travel in Greece

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Wheelchair Friendly Vehicles: Travel in Greece
May 27
14:47 2015

The availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) makes the difference for many who travel abroad with special transportation needs. Wheelchair friendly vehicles in Greece are absolutely necessary, in many instances, offering any traveling family the freedom and independence they seek while away from home.

WAV Demand

The importance of WAVs cannot be undermined and that can be seen from recent news headlines in New York City. According to a Fox Business News report advocacy groups are pushing for state legislation to ensure transport services can provide wheelchair accessible vehicles to those that need it, when they need it. Popular transport and ridesharing services, like Uber, say they already accommodate riders in certain areas that mostly service New York City’s outer boroughs. However, advocates are pushing for more pointing to rights stated under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The recent WAV advocacy news in the United States calls attention to the importance of wheelchair friendly transport and services. WAVs are non-emergency vans that are easily accessible to those with physical disabilities. Several van models are typically equipped to handle up to two wheelchairs. These specially made vehicles are designed for those who cannot travel without leaving their wheelchair. WAVs can also be used by wheelchair users either as a passenger or a driver — without needing to move out of their wheelchair. The size, shape and design of various wheelchair friendly vehicles always depend on the original vehicle it was created from. Also, the size will vary on how it was converted and the company that converted it.

The best WAV services offer availability based on a client’s needs, either for an extended stay in Greece or simply for pick-up services during the day or night for transport between two destinations.   Other non-emergency vehicle services are called upon by those who might need to ensure safe, comfortable transport of patients that are temporarily using a wheelchair between health-related appointments, such as dialysis or an injury.

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Greece continues to serve the ground transportation needs of all types of visitors with various needs. WAVs are readily available to those who want to explore and discover the beauties of its cities, coastal towns and islands. Counting on a dependable and durable wheelchair accessible vehicle fleet, for some, will be a necessary and important part of that experience.

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