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The Helicopter Flight App Takes Off

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The Helicopter Flight App Takes Off
May 12
20:13 2015

Ordering a cab or car service to get across town has become as simple as tapping a few keys on a smart phone. Now, if you’re in New York, a new smart phone app can get you there too – in a helicopter.

Big Apple Choppers

Aviation is going to app technology. New York City based helicopter charter company Gotham Air offers a smartphone app that instantly books helicopter flight services for travelers on the go. The services can take place between area airports and various destinations in the city. In the Big Apple, helicopter rides are an obvious solution to beat the city’s notorious bumper-to-bumper traffic.

According to the company, travel by car between Newark Airport and JFK can easily take up to two hours. Order a chopper? Cut that commute time to about six minutes. The price per seat is around $200. The mobile app makes it all the more easy to order.

Pioneering Evolution

Companies like Uber and TaxiBeat offer pioneer apps that have changed the way we move. They are a simple way for travelers and commuters to instantly find a ride they trust with real-time technology.   New apps that utilize similar technology are taking the guesswork out of public transport making that easier to manage for the everyday commuter. There are apps that are specifically for ferry commuting and sea travel. It only makes sense that mobile app technology has made its way to the aviation industry. Travelers want a convenient way to book transport off their smart phones. In Greece, the availability of helicopters and open seats on private jets – is also just a quick click away via mobile web sites.

Keep in mind, the need for New Yorkers to get around conveniently, safely and on-time is a universal need whether an app is involved or not. As the saying goes, “time is money.” A helicopter flight may cost more on the outset but time is the most precious thing. Time makes a difference, no matter where you may be in the world.   Vacations, unfortunately, don’t last forever. So, we need to make the best use of our time away. Important meetings that you need to be present and ready for don’t either. It’s paramount to be professional and time plays a role. Aviation services, helicopter flights and new technology help commuters and travelers save precious time.

New Technology

Air transport companies have been experimenting and implementing technologies since the start of the aviation industry to provide better services, safety and comfort. With the use of online services from mobile sites to new apps, travelers can order the helicopter flight they need with a new level of convenience and ease.

Image Source: Tony Hisgett

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