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Four Seasons Private Jet: Sky High Luxury Experiences

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Four Seasons Private Jet: Sky High Luxury Experiences
May 13
19:14 2015

Love the convenience and service you experience when you’re on board a private jet? So does one of the top luxury hotel chains in the world and they’ve taken the experience to a new level.

Elevating Luxury

The Four Seasons has literally elevated luxury experiences by flying guests around the world on its new and enormous private jet. It’s a prime example of how the private jet experience is evolving.

In April 2015, the Four Seasons jet set off for six European cities for 16 days to visit museums, see performances in Italy and Hungary and attend a private gala in Russia. Each package included transportation, accommodations, excursions and menu options such as lobster caviar and, of course, Dom Perignon. The price tag for a three-week excursion around the globe, including stays at 5-star hotels costs $119,000. Have your own travel plans? The Four Seasons jet, including crew and staff, can be privately chartered for $110,000 or more a day.

So what does this mean to the luxury traveler? For one, there’s a new ultra-glamourous jet set option that never existed. From the Four Seasons perspective their luxury private jet packages exemplifies just how the “airline industry should be looking much closer to the hospitality industry for best practices on how to improve the passenger experience.”

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Vacation Time

As Bloomberg put it: “First came the Orient Express train. Then the Queen Mary ocean liner. Now the Four Seasons jet?” Luxury vacation travel isn’t a new concept. Now, chartering private jets to get to your vacation destination is a more viable option. As commercial air travel gets more frustrating and vacations involve more complicated itineraries, travelers are turning to the convenience and service of private jet travel. Private jet companies service travelers who may fly a long haul flight between continents commercially and then opt to pick up a private jet in a hub city like Athens.

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

Four Seasons Photography Shoot April 2015_Kirsten Holst

The passenger experience is what keeps luxury travelers coming back for more. For those traveling to and around Greece and Europe, private air travel is about catering to an individual need. One should have comfort and convenience along with a high level of personal service. From the start, travelers aim to have a pleasant, air travel experience without security, luggage or check-in lines. Passengers know that through private jet services they can save aggravation and their precious time. Executives accustomed to private jet travel for work naturally gravitate to it while on vacations too. For some, a private jet vacation is a once in a lifetime splurge. That’s an experience, many would argue, is worth saving for.

Vacationing in luxury just isn’t about your hotel stay any longer. Chartering a private jet ride takes your time away to a new level.

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