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Concept Planes and the Future of Flight

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Concept Planes and the Future of Flight
May 13
19:31 2015

Visionaries and engineers are setting the aviation bar to a new level. Their ideas, called concept planes, open the imagination for aviation lovers giving travelers a sneak peek into what a plane journey could be like soon.

Imagine That

Instead of first class imagine a “pilot class” with a panorama of the sky to admire around you. There would be private rooms, restaurants and shops on board. Top plane designer Oscar Vinals says it is all possible with a bit more technology innovation.

“Twelve hours in an airplane could feel more like a select hotel,” said Oscar Vinals in an interview with CNN. “It would reduce the stress of a long flight.”

In the CNN article, Vinals says 40 percent of the technology currently exists in the world to build what he envisions. The technology includes quantum solar cells, nanowires and micro radio wave harvesters.

The new aviation technology may sound like gibberish but Vials says those components are what would power his design for a triple-decker 800 passenger “noiseless” aircraft called the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle. Oh, and it would run with zero carbon emissions. According to Vinals, his invention could be a reality in 15 years.

NASA is also on the forefront of concept plane design. Besides launching missions in space, the US space agency works with manufacturers to design faster and more fuel efficient planes. The Daily Mail recently reported on NASA’s concepts including needle-like bodies, sleek fuselages and delta wings could be up in the sky in as little as a decade. Aeronautics engineers are also researching ways to create new, quieter planes that could change supersonic flight over land.


Imagine That Now

The best minds in the world are crafting next-generation travel in the sky. Aviation lovers have a lot to look forward to. These new aviation technologies will change the flight experience whether you end up on flight across the world or hop on a private jet across the continent or country.

After all, Vials has a vision. He told CNN, “In a few years, we could overcome our limits and build anything imaginable.”

Those are words that aviation pioneers of the past could certainly relate to.

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