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Aviation Jobs in Greece: What’s New?

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Aviation Jobs in Greece: What’s New?
July 15
13:03 2015

Looking for an aviation job in Greece?  Like any country around the world, Greece offers its share of exciting opportunities in the aviation industry.

Aviation Jobs in Greece 

Globally, aviation is a young industry, starting in 1904. Since then, for about 100 years, it has opened so many travel possibilities for mankind. Lots of investment, training, innovation and a sheer love of flying made that happen.

Did you love airplanes as a kid? Did you look up at planes flying in the sky and wish you were behind the controls?  Being a pilot is an exciting job but it is just one facet of aviation.  There are many types of jobs out there. Landing one can be a rewarding, offer good working hours, a good pay scale and many times, free opportunities and discounts to travel.

Qualified Personnel

Aviation may be a young industry, but it is also a growing industry. There will always be a need for qualified personnel. There’s a wide range of jobs that suit various interests, skills and backgrounds.  Aviation jobs aren’t just about pilots, ticket agents or airport administrators. Careers include positions in the fields of science, engineering, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, business, law, technology and communications.

Here are a few top categories to think about:

Engineers: Think about the engineering involved that enabled the Solar Impulse 2 to complete its historic green journey recently.  Engineers are the backbone of evolutionary changes to aircraft design. Specialist areas include aerodynamics, propulsion, manufacturing, materials and structures, avionics, and systems integration.

Aircraft and Systems Maintenance:  Aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs) love their hands-on role with aircraft. Their job involves maintenance, service and the repair and overhaul of airframe.

Pilots: Pilots can make a living in many ways. Careers range from flight instructor to a commercial airline pilot. The most common career paths are airline, corporate and military pilot positions.

Operations: Airports hire workers to handle and manage daily airport operations. In fact, airlines are one of the largest employing industries in the world today with great benefits to boot. Air traffic controllers are based in an airport control tower. Finally, cabin crews are responsible for passenger comfort and needs as well as their safety.

Specialist Areas: Law-related services are necessary as hundreds of airlines operate within strict laws and requirements set by international bodies. They must also follow local, national and regional aviation authorities to continually improve safety. Aviation journalists cover the industry from a news perspective.  Other career paths include operational and training management, regulators such as the CAA, researchers, training suppliers and consultants.

Love of Flying

Aviation enthusiasts love opportunities to travel and see the world. They love meeting people and interacting with those who specialize in their field. To see what aviation jobs in Greece are available check out our blog’s aviation career opportunities page.

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